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Parent and Caregiver Links

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Illustration: In the nursery

On this page I've included a list of links to web sites for parents and caregivers:


  • Accuweather--
  • American Academy of Pediatrics--
  • Autism Speaks--
  • Better Business Bureau--
  • CafeMom-parenting website--
  • Compare Child Care Centers in NYS--see if they have violations and when they are corrected--
  • Compare Cities, Schools, Neighborhoods--moving? Go to this site to compare cities and schools--
  • Consumer Product Safety Commission--
  • Coolsavings coupon site--
  • Coupon Mom--large printable coupon site--
  • pages and games --
  • DMarie's Time Capsule--see what happened in History on the day you were born, or any day--
  • Do It Yourself--
  • Do It Yourself Network--
  • Federal Citizen Information Center--
  • Gas Price Watch--lowest prices--
  • Google Earth--
  • Healthology--
  • Infoplease--
  • Intelihealth--
  • Kelley Blue Book--car sales--
  • Kids Health--  
  • Kidsource--
  • LD Online--
  • Mapquest--
  • Mayo Clinic--
  • NAEYC-- 
  • National Fathers Network--
  • National Institutes of Health--
  • National Network for Child Care--
  • National Public School, College, and Library Locator--
  •'l Education Assoc.--
  • NYS Dept. of Education--  
  • NYS Office of Children & Family Services--
  • News12--local LI news--
  • Newsday--
  • Newspapers & Current Periodical Reading Room--
  • Newspapers from around the World--
  • Parents asTeachers--
  • for Parents--Book Finder for Kids--
  • of reading/online books for all ages --
  • Reference Desk--
  • Save with coupons/Redplum--
  • Smartsource coupon site--
  • Suffolk County, NY Govt Sites--
  • Today in History--
  • Ultimate White Pages, etc.--
  • Upromise College Savings Plan--
  • UPS Shipping--
  • Weather--
  • WebMD--
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